KIARA MIA portrait

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Good night to everyone if you are in this part of the world, but in general good everything to those of #steemit and those of @worldofxpilar, here I bring a portrait of an adult film actress whose name is kiara mia

This illustration is between a faithful portrait but also a comic style that I like to implement a lot and the result is like the one you see

I found this woman very beautiful and it seemed good to portray her in this style and like the other illustrations that I do, the idea always begins in my mind and then I put it on paper first as a sketch and you already know the procedure, I agree with this work, how about we see the step by step? let's keep going


I also hope you like it as much as I do and soon more varied illustrations, from portraits, cartoon characters and more




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Hola, te quedo muy bien el dibujo, excelente trabajo.

hola muchas gracias

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good morning, thanks art-venture

thats right bro hahaha

beautiful art work this girl is beautiful greetings