Happy Mother's Day Flowers for Mom - easy draw & paint how to

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Hello, friends!
Today i would like to share what i made for mom cause today was international mother's day. I made some flowers with a card labelled Happy Mother's day on it. So easy to make, you could also make one for your mom too. I used medibang painter app on my android tab for this picture.

How i made it was so easy, i started from drawing a circle with yellow colour and paint it with a brighter yellow. Then i draw with blue brush for this first flower. Then use softer blue to paint it.


Next draw the stem with leaves and colour. I also changed the yellow colour to a softer one, same for the border line and to fullfill it. I draw the next flower, on it's right, paint with soft pink then draw the green stem also with a leave. After that, draw the yellow circle again and draw an orange flower.


Paint it and draw plus paint a small tulip next to it. Last complete with a small blue card saying Happy Mother's day!


Last thing is you could add a background or not. If not, in the gallery it would look like had a black colour background but actually it was transparant.


Happy drawing & painting!

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