Tree, Source of Life easy draw & paint how to

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Hello, friends!
Today i would like to share how i made this picture easily with the infinite painter app on my android tab. This time i only used only 12 steps to copy. Maybe you asked me why this time i draw the tree, cause i want to make us realise how important are the trees and plants to us, even it produce oxygen so we can breath.

Enough with the prologue, now let me share how i made it.

First, draw the plant then paint with the water colour brush. Then draw some red roses, also colout with the water colour brush. Made the plants on the left and right part of my canvas.


Next, after colour the plant. Draw the tree and colour it. For the tree i made the pattern, so for each pattern i paint different kind of brown.


After that, paint the green for the tree. Later, draw the tree pattern. And last, colour the blue sky. Voila, it's finished.


Happy drawing & painting!

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