Chasing a sun 🌞

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β€œI felt like summer had taken me over.”

Hello dear Steemit friends!
I don't know about you but I missed summer so much! I really like warm wheater and I can't wait to finally chill a little bit! So, with this picture I am "calling" a sun because it is still rainy over here 😊

Hope you like summer too and have a good day!🌞

Big greetings from @exanime15!

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Over here where?
Nice pic!

In Croatia, thank you! 😊

I like summer too, and I like your bathing suit and hat! Thanks for sharing this pic and I hope the sun comes out for you soon! :)

Thank you very much! 🌞😊

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Thank you very much but this post already has expired πŸ˜„

Indeed, in that case I will take the new one, thank you for notification :)

Thank you very much you are very kind :)