A Sketch for a friend! One of my first portrait sketches

in hive-185836 •  7 months ago 

So I'm just sharing my sketch, i was requested by a friend to sketch her photo. I think this was last year luckily i was able to capture this sketch of mine when i have the time because i cant find anymore the original or hard copy grrrr. So this is my sketch i think i work on it for 2 hours. So here it is.


This sketch was 4 years ago and these were the times that I am into practicing and reliving my passion for arts, but after this artwork I am not in the mood to create something again but let's see if i can make another sketch for the next days to come.

Maybe I'll post some of the sketch I've done in the past while I am warming up again because i might be a lil bit rusty well not maybe its for sure tho. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below, maybe you want to request some artwork as I love to draw animes too.

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Of course that it will be great to follow your new works and explorations with that awesome style. Also you have a great way to explain your process. This drawing has lot of skills on display, impressive eyes, I'm sure your friend was satisfied about your work!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!