Callicarpa Visual Story ( 8 photos )

in hive-185836 •  5 months ago 

This is a photo of my collection on the way while looking for steemit's daily routine. Greetings from me, new users in this community #WORLD OF XPILAR and thank you @axeman for making me see every one of his extraordinary posts, and hopefully my first post in this community can be liked by other steemit friends.

Steemit friends can see directly the photo collection that I display below;









What do you think about Steemit's friend after seeing my post above, and what do you think about the photography of wild fruit bird food, hopefully I can make Steemit friends come back and always give new writers and photographers room to work on the blogchain. which steemit is not limited to its blogchain and greetings of success for steemian lovers around the world.

Best Regards By @lingkar-photo

Categoryphotography nature
CameraSmartphon Oppo A12
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