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An image that we make on our own is very different, as an amateur in drawing I just learn to be new, become an imagination for me to achieve a goal of success in blogchain, which Steemit has formed writers and also painters reliable to be able to work and be able to generate lots of benefits, from social, economic goals and also a science that is not easy to find, as well as making extraordinary acquaintances who are many in Steemit, many successful people are on this blogchain, because That's me, on this occasion I will present my own work, which I made with my own hands, hopefully it will get good results and can satisfy me and all my friends who see my blog.

The art of painting is something that is not easy if I don't study or have existing skills, but I only painted my favorite cards as a child. And I deliberately put it in this #WORLD OF XPILAR Community to help my account grow big and advance as well as develop with the blockchain era.

This is a picture of my painting, which I painted from the start until it became a perfect painting in my opinion.

The initial process of making a cartoon Pinocchio

The initial formation of the pinocchio hat I took the basis of its initial creation, to make it easier for me to paint more

The 2 image, the shaping of Pinocchio's face and hair

In the 3 image, the shape of the face and hair, and the hat worn by Pinocchio

The 4 image is forming the half-body face that I am describing, and the coloring process

The final image was given a color, which I colored with wood paint that I bought at a regular price, to start my work that I became increasingly involved with steemit blogchain.

These are the results of the painting drawings on A4 paper that I did for me to work in steemit, besides I was looking for my success as well as an additional economy since Covid had stopped working. With hard work I will strive to be successful in steemit and move forward to succeed on the blockchain.

Greetings Moderator @axeman for giving me a little motivation in the past few years. And I look forward to your support Mr. @axeman to fulfill my dream to be successful in steemit.

Best Regards By @lingkar-photo

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