The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #041 - 20STEEM//Honor to my dancer @loidadiaz

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Little girl of cinnamon skin is my Nicolee that with her dreamy look and sweet star enchants whoever sees her, my little princess did not have to be born in a cradle of gold or silver because with her sweet eloquence she becomes the sovereign of whoever looks at her, she is the queen of the house, she is the joy of my soul, she is the illusion that lifts me up and the sweet sigh of my chest.

My dancing princess I usually say to her, although she is rather my divine blessing that brings tears to my eyes when I see her dancing glow, like an angel among the clouds she dances and there is no space in my heart that I have not reached with her magic, she is my magical princess with a beautiful smile and majestic curly hair. With my little girl life has given me a trunk of illusions and a ship of energy, my little dancer how proud I feel to see how gallantly you assume each dance, each presentation, to see how the theaters yearn to feel your little bare feet dance on them, your dancer turns enbelezan the military sailor who bravely gives his life for our land.

Photo taken from my cell phone presentation at the dock in San Felix, Bolivar State, Venezuela.

How can I ever repay the destiny that has given me the gift of seeing your first smile and seeing you today turned into a dancing girl, you no longer need my arms to carry you my beautiful girl but my arms will always be waiting to embrace you, after a dance, after a tremendous or just to sleep, I will always be your port as well as the dock to the sailor.

Dance, dance my negrita dance my negrita dance gladden my soul, dance, dance my negra dance fill the world with harmony, dance, dance my negra so that the saints smile, dance loimarth dance shout the current of the orinoco and the caroni dance the waters ask you so that the sailor wants to return.

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