Step inside my Nagybonacci Christmas Matrix ...

in hive-185836 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Would you like to step inside my Nagybonacci Christmas Matrix?

I've just stepped out from my #creative moment, and after i've realized what happened, i was already out from my dream :)

Hope you'll enjoy my Christmas Matrix, which i've been sketching it in a hurry ...

Somehow, it shocked me, and it took me into that innocent state of mind and soul of my childhood ... Maybe i'll take you as well, through my Nagybonacii Christmas Portal and you'll step inside my Matrix ... or at least one of them :)



I do hope you are still at home, spending your precious moments with your beloved ones.

See you soon inside the Matrix of the year 2021!

Blessings to you all #steemians!


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