Portrait of the Beauty of Clouds

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The universe always presents a different beauty every day, and is interesting for the eyes to see. Like some photos that I managed to take today.

Here I will show you a unique photo of the sky. Initially I came here to take pictures of the sunset, but because the weather was cloudy, then I could not find the picture I wanted. I only get black sky with, with thick black clouds.

Uniquely, the color of the sky here, with a combination of colors. When I looked north, there I found a brown, grayish sky.

When I point the camera towards the south, the view of the sky is also different. This is very amazing, because I watch from all directions, for example in the west, I see cloudy weather, with black clouds.

When I look east, I see a different view of the sky. White clouds, with bright blue skies, fascinate me, for their beauty.

This is really amazing, cool. I was lucky today, because I was able to get fantastic and different images in the same place.

It was getting dark, the sunlight had faded, it was a sign that the evening would change night. I have to take more photos, because it will rain soon.

I also managed to take pictures, and save them in the photo gallery. I will share here a successful photo I took with my cellphone. The following picture.




I took all these pictures at the PBI Malikussaleh field site. Or rather on the soccer field, near the residents' rice fields.


Although this afternoon I did not manage to get a sunset photo, because it was indeed cloudy weather. But I was not disappointed, because I was satisfied with the results of the photo that I got. Maybe tomorrow I will come again to this place, to take pictures of the sunset.

I hope, I hope you like it.

Greetings Indonesian Steemians 💫

~Keep writing~


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