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Panoramas are, in my opinion, the most accurate way to show the immensity of a city that sleeps and wakes up to pose every time we take a picture in this style.

That is why the cover of this post has the image of the city where I live taken from a mountain where I usually go to exercise. I took the photo from La Fragua and the next three I took them from beside my house, from the other part of the mountain.

It is like seeing the two faces of the coin, here we see the two edges of a mountain that has in the middle an urbanization called Las Minas. I live very close to this visual paradise.

I usually go hiking on that mountain, I usually leave my house and walk about 8 kilometers up and down just to have another perspective of my town. Of course I also enjoy the sun, the exercise and the clean air.

The cover photo in my participation in The World of XPILAR - CITYSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #073

May God be with you. See you soon

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