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Hello my friends

Good evening steemian friends, I hope you are all in good health. This time I want to show you some amazing pictures. Luckily for me today, I can shoot the seconds of the sunset at the western end of the world. Indeed the weather today is a little cloudy. As you can see, I got the picture of the full circle of the sun until the sun disappeared slowly. I took it at 18.30 WIB. As we know, the moment when the sun goes down is only a moment for me. Here are some pictures of the sunset I share with you all. Hope you like this image. I'm glad you liked my job.

Selamat malam sahabat steemians semuanya, semoga kalian dalam keadaan sehat semuanya. Kali ini aku ingin menunjukkan beberapa gambar yang menakjubkan kepada anda. Sungguh beruntung aku hari ini, aku bisa memotret detik-detik matahari terbenam pada ujung barat dunia. Memang cuaca hari ini sedikit berawan. Seperti yang anda saksikan, aku mendapatkan gambar dari bulatan matahari penuh sampai matahari hilang secara perlahan. Aku mengambilnya pada jam 18.30 Wib. Seperti yang kita ketahui, momen saat matahari terbenam hanya sebentar saya. Inilah beberapa gambar matahari terbenam saya bagikan kepada anda semua. Semoga anda menyukainya gambar ini. Saya senang anda menyukai pekerjaan saya.





CameraCanon M100
CategoryNature Photography
LensCanon 55-250 Is II STM

ALL Images Taken With Canon M100 Lens Kit 15-45 STM + 55-250 IS II STM
Locations : Aceh, Indonesian
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There some very profound reds on this sunset, and the perfect conjunction with the clouds that make this series very impressive. Nice shots!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!