📷📷📷 Waterfall Photography Series #017

in hive-185836 •  18 days ago 

Hello everyone...

Here is the 17th in a series of 100 images about waterfalls.

This is a personal challenge that I have set for myself and I will not abandon it until I achieve my purpose.

All the photographs have been taken in the Galician community of Spain. I will try to post a photo every day until the whole series is complete...

To take this photo I used a new lens that I recently acquired and which is already part of my photographic equipment.

I hope you like it.


Nikon D750 | Samyang Lens 14mm f/2.8 | 1/8 s | f/14 | 14 mm | ISO 100 | Natural Light.

I consider myself a conservationist... That's why I became a photographer, to preserve moments and instants for a long time...

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Beautiful 💜

Thank you!!!