Trick or treat / Art-Venture Photography contest: “Halloween ”

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Trick or treat

Hello friends, if you choose the trick it means that you accept that the children will play a little prank on you for not giving them candy or sweets. If you choose a deal, you would be agreeing to give it to them and prevent the little monsters from doing a trick on you. And you, what do you prefer?


© Orlando Monteleone. All rights reserved

línea verde 2.png

illumination. 450v Elinchrom. + Elinchron Rotalux 45 degree softbox, Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera. EF 100mm f / 2.8 Macro USM lens, 1/200 speed, 4 stops, ISO 50.

línea verde 2.png

etiqueta final 2.png

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Always is a better advice to be on peace with any kind of spirit!! :)
Beautiful composition for the coming celebrations!!

Thanks for share on the World of Xpilar!!

Thank you for this recognition ... Greetings

Your post was upvoted by the @art-venture account after manual review. Support of Visual Artworks and Photogrpahy on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture

Thanks for the Art - Venture support, thanks for the recognition ... Supporting you with all my heart ... greetings

Hi Orlando, really nice photo, like the composition and little pumpkins.

Please do not forget to link this post to our contest post.

Thanks for the words ... I'm going to link it ... greetings

Love the depth, especially of the little beads mixture of being close and far.

Thank you leximiss, you liked my photographic shot ... the truth was I did not plan this photograph, but my wife is a pastry lover and that day she had an order of chocolates for Halloween, as you see everything turned out perfect ... greetings

Great shot!