Time flies (too fast) ...

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I thought to post this earlier but I see that my previous post is already from 3 days ago.

A day really has too few hours! Between the exercises of my C# course and the writing / testing of my autovotebot, I have almost no time left to focus on photography. 😳

The good news is that the bot is progressing well. What I have written so far is already in testing mode, and without (major) bugs so far.
The less good news is the progress of my course ... but I will not elaborate on that now ... developing something concrete is so much more fun 🙄

Anyway, what you see here is the same staircase as the one from a few days ago ... but you probably guessed that yourself thanks to ... that green ceiling 😁

You liked this post?

Right you are 😉

Just follow me here to make sure you don’t miss any new work. As you can see below, you will be in good company... my 3 skinny friends are waiting for you 😉


BTW: I will not ask you to upvote my posts… deep down inside you know you have to 😉

Curious to see my other work?

Although I spend most of my time here, you can also find me in other places… just take your pick…


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You love to do color splashes in architecture.
If it was a face ... what would you color? Eyes, lips, hair ... maybe a nose? :D

Why a face? There are so many much more interesting body parts...🤭😳😉😂

This is just for example, I do not want to strip the model to a naked state. Lol

That's too bad...except if the model is a man 😂🤪🙃🤪

For the man, we will leave the red codpiece... :D

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Thanks guy(s), really appreciated 👍

Love that staircase, looks like in our castle :)

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@stef1 For sure it is, because...it's also a kind of castle 😁
Thanks for the boomer, always love to see him passing by 😉
PS: your husband gave me some names of accounts you like to upvote. I use them in my test-procedures of my autovote script. (better than to work with fake-accounts)
Anyway, if you have more...feel free to send them over... when the script goes live, it will spare you a lot of configuration work 😉

Great, hope your program with autovote will work good. I have already mention to our "world of xpilar" moderators :)

When I saw the post I realized the photo, from this perspective it looks better.
I want to apologize for my previous comment, I am too sincere, but the lie is not good, I do not like it.

No problem, no offence taken on my side so, no apologies needed 👍