A ship in the middle of the sea!! My entry to the Photo of the week #33 boats edition!

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Hello there, World of xpilar community mates! This is my entry post for @mister-omortson's weekly photography contest. This week the theme of the contest is boats and I will participate with a photograph I captured some months ago while I was traveling from Athens to my home town Rethymno.

I took this photo in the middle of the sea where everything was dark and only the boat you see in the photo was visible. Every night 3 boats travel from Athens to Crete and if you go out on deck you can see them from afar. That's how I captured this photo. Although the quality of the photo is not the best, I like it because the lights of the boat are reflected in the sea.

Also I captured some photos at the port before we begin the trip. One of them is the one below where you can see the same boat before we begin.

The truth is that I always avoid to capture and publish night photos because my photo equipment and my knowlwdge is not so developed but I liked the specific ones even though they are not of my best quality. Thanks for stopping by and good luck to all participants.

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Greetings friend @skywaystelios

Excellent pictures, nice post.

Thank you @adeljose :)

Very beautiful and want to visit there @skywaystelios