The World of XPILAR - PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART CONTEST WEEK #043 - A Woman With A Heart by: @traderpaw

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Hola Steemians! Hope all is well!

Today, I will be show casing my entry for portrait photography and art contest for week#043 thru my original composed poem.


A Woman With A Heart
by: @traderpaw

A woman full of loving
She does too with caring

She's quite good in singing
Sometimes also in dancing

But she loves cooking
Her favorite skill is driving

And give her pets full of feeding
Others sometimes find her amusing


With lot of things she can be amazing
But it takes of courage of introducing
Her complexity is exciting



She's a woman with a heart that you will be wanting

Special thanks to @axeman for creating this contest. Always grateful to @xpilar and MOD for this wonderful community.
Endless thanks to steemcurator01 and all steemcurators of this block chain.

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Wow mka proud si Maam, for sure Gilbert is so proud of you, for being his loving wife, nice one!

Thank you maam...ako maoy proud sa iyaha maam...I am one blessed of having him. :-)