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Snapped this on my way to work.

Been a good two days. My boss said we will go early on Monday but we didn’t. We left after 7am. We started work after 10. It was just me and my boss. I did the cutting of the 8mm rods into small quantities and my boss did the bending. He made them into rings.


We cut the 16mm in to 2. They are 30 feet in length so that means 15 feet each. The rings are 24 inches in length. The bending was 7 inches by 4 inches. We did a lot of the rings. We closed at 5 pm and went home.


On Tuesday, we were able to leave home my earlier but still not early enough. We left after 6am even though we had planned to leave before 5:30am. It was the full squad, not just me and my boss. We got to the site after 8am.


We were able to do 50 pillars before 5pm.


I took some shots while in the car coming home. We had been efficient and had done a lot of work.


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