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Started the day plucking oranges. I’m not a fruits guy, but I’ve decided to eat more fruits from now, especially on days that I go nowhere. There are oranges where I live so it wouldn’t cost me anything.

I was able to get 5 of the oranges. The oranges in my house don’t really turn yellow, but they are still ready for eating. The oranges aren’t orange in colour though.

In the afternoon, my boss called about a job. I left home with my brother and went to his house which was around where the job is located. We went and the carpenter hadn’t finished. The carpenter wasn’t even around when we got there. My boss called him and he said we should come next day. We left for the house after that.

A friend passed by and I went to escort her to the bus stop. Her school is not too far away from where I am.

Was hungry in the evening and I decided to get some indomie noodles. Went across the street to buy it and took a shot of the OAK lounge which is a pub on the junction to my house.

Came to prepare the noodles and that’s what I had for supper.

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