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My sis woke me up today. It wasn’t for any thing really important. She wanted me to snap pictures of her as today is her birthday. I was sleepy and annoyed but my mum was with her. She said they were both taking the pictures so they needed me to be the cameraman.


I got up and went to take the pictures. In total, they took 64 pictures but they weren’t that good in my opinion. I think I’m a bad photographer. They have no other choice than to accept what they have.


I went back to catch some sleep since it wasn’t yet 7:00am but my boss called just when I was entering dreamland. He asked if I was on my way. I told him I was now getting ready.


I got up and got ready for work. Got there and he was already at the site. The carpenter had finished with the plywood so we can now do the metal work. Work commenced and within 2 hours, we were done. When we finished, the owner was asleep so we had to wait around a bit.


When we got out, we told him we were done, and he said he’s now going to the atm to get the money so we should wait for him. He had a shelter with chairs so I relaxed on one. He got back after about 90 minutes and paid us.


I got home and decided to fry some plantain to eat beans. I had beans in the fridge and I had ripe plantain. I did enjoy my dinner. Wished I had invited you.



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Wow, your pictures are really great. Your mum and your sister look beautiful 😁

They do, thank you

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Peace & Love!