Step by Step Sketch Work of a Beautiful Parrot

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Hello Friends,

Pet Final.jpg

We all love pets and those are part of our daily life starting with dogs, cats, birds and other animals.

Today, I have sketched a Parrot and sharing with you all the step by step process for the same.

Starting with outline of the bird first with face and body part.

There are about 393 different species of Parrots it seems as per Wikipedia search.

Pet 1.jpg

As we are ready with outline, here we go with shading and the head part first.

Parrots along with crows, magpies, ravens and some other birds are considered as the intelligent birds.

Pet 2.jpg

Further shading of head part and beak.

Some parrots are too intelligent and are able to repeat some of the words and some are even said to be able to solve puzzles and use tools.

Pet 3.jpg

Rough drawing of feathers and further shading of neck part as in below screenshot.

Although parrots are considered as pets, improper handling and training of them may lead to the bids getting razed and bite causing serious injuries to humans.

Pet 4.jpg

Shading of body part with feathers getting beautified here.

31st every year is celebrated as World Parrot Day.

Pet 5.jpg

Let's go to the final sketch work with finished one here..

Everything is re-visited and the wood on which the bird is standing is also shaded.

Does it look like a real Parrot?

Pet Final.jpg


Thanks as usual guys for the continuous support and appreciating the art works by me and other artists.

It's been a pleasure working on the art works and getting support.

Wish you Wonderful Monday and nice week ahead :)


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