10 Bugs to Eat (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters and to all who are willing to freewrite. If you are interested, and wanted to know what freewrite is, you can check the profile of the mother of freewrite here on Hive, as she initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge, @mariannewest. The prompt I am taking part in is 10 bugs to eat.

Sorry, I don't eat just anything.
Some people offered me to eat some bugs.
I don't care if they're edible.
No matter how many edible bugs out there.
Whether 10 bugs to eat, or even more.
Even some flying insects, or the crawling ones.
They eat them.
Someone offered me to eat frogs.
It tastes just like chicken, according to them.
Then another one, chicken feet.
Others even eat snakes, and other kinds of meat
from unusual animals.
Exotic foods are available anywhere.
Good for the health? Okay.
But there are other source of food, don't we?
Foods that are nutritious too.
I don't think it's just appropriate to force anyone
to eat foods, the unusual foods,
that they don't want to eat.
People can eat anything as long as they're edible.
Hopefully, they will spare the animals
that are prohibited to be consumed as food.
Even those kinds of animals
that are universally taken cared of as pets.

I respect people eating exotic foods. Such kinds are even sold, while mostly from rural areas, has them as foods. I had been offered to eat exotic foods, either bugs, frogs, chicken feet, etc. Seriously, I don't eat such kinds of foods because I have my preference, and admittedly, eating them makes me feel too gross. That's just me, though I think I am not alone in this subject. But hopefully, people should eat what are allowed. Imagine even animals such as dogs, and other kinds of pets are slaughtered to be prepared as food!


Feel free to use the app/site squibler.iowhen creating your freewrite. I used that app for the freewrite, above. If ever you'll use the app, keep typing once you started. Otherwise, everything written will be erased.

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