Basketball (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Here I just wrote my freewrite entry for the "basketball" prompt. The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge was initiated by @mariannewest almost 3 years ago, and still lives on until today. Do join freewriting and visit her profile for daily prompt, and also @freewritehouse.

Not a good year for basketball fans.
Actually, not a good year for everyone.
But basketball has lost the basketball legend,
Kobe Bryant.
After about to months, suspension of games came.
Several NBA players contracted the virus.
Aiming to come back this month.
Other players are skeptical.
They care more about the safety.
While others' concern is the race issue
towards black people.
Here in the Philippines,
games are not back yet.
Players are already allowed to practice
with strict health guidelines imposed.
But the actual games are not yet confirmed.
Even some players are also afraid of their safety.
Basketball is the most popular sports in the country.
For sure many people miss the games.
Even the players miss playing in the court.
But if games are back, there won't be audience.
The drive to play well may not be enough
with empty bleachers.
But there's uncertainty witg regards to safety these days.
Covid19 is an invisible enemy.
Everyone are more concerned of their safety
than the entertainment from watching the games live.

For sure, many people miss watching live games but safety should still be observed. NBA of the USA, PBA of the Philippines, and every major league of every country, they're all suspended. They have huge losses, but for sure they will be back

Anyway, basketball is very much popular in the Philippines, that's why PBA, and even NBA, is very popular here. In every village, there's basketball court. They might be empty for months, but lately I saw some people playing basketball in our place. Isn't that allowed already?

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