My Daily Ramblings: Confusions, Music, Shopee, OCD

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Waking up in the morning with some things in mind that needs to be done. Despite the goal of accomplishing them all, some unnecessary thoughts has distracted me that I need to deal with them in order to proceed right after. When I feel sober, I can push through with my chores. I do try to exercise, but I do feel it's not enough.

While cooking, I heard a song from Whitney Houston being played from the neighborhood. It's "I Have Nothing", which many of us know, it was one of the hits from "The Bodyguard" soundtrack. Oh, that was a hit movie, and the attempt of Whitney Houston becoming a movie star has paid off. It was followed by another two movies led by her. It doesn't matter if they weren't as huge as her preceding movies. It's the legacy she had for such a successful movie, and a soundtrack with estimated sales of more than 45 million.

YouTube/Whitney Houston

Meanwhile, our neighbor's radio is on FM station. It seems the station loves Whitney Houston, as I often hear her songs, particularly from 1980s. Well, she had great ballads, and why not? It's free music coming from the neighborhood, and that's fine.

As I am eating, I can't get my phone off away from me while on Shopee. Yes, playing some of their games which were programmed what you will win. Lol! That's how I feel, that those games already had an expectation of coins you will win. If not for my deaf student whom I am sending mobile phone loads during our meetings in sign language, I might've stopped the Shopee thing. But I realized, I can use them in the future.

Screenshot from Shopee

Then there goes OCD. The hard part is spending some times assuring myself to feel better. I find myself walking while thinking things through. Urgh! I forced myself to sit down, and somewhat, it eased me.

Thinking of what to write. I started a sentence, and stopped for a while. I couldn't find the write words to say. I can't find the motivation that I need so I can write them up. I ran out of ideas. Then finally, I just want to write anything, this rambling that I have for the day.

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