Natural Remedies (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! Am glad to participate on this freewrite prompt natural remedies. If you're willing to join the freewrite community visit @freewritehouse, and join the #freewriters community. Of course, visit the profile of @mariannewest, the mother of the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge in this platform.

Diagnosed with cancer at a very young age.
Kaye has a strong will to continue living.
Chris and Dawn, her parents, can afford any treatments.
Even thought of bringing him overseas
but Kaye prefers to stay in the country.
Had a trip to different hospitals in the country.
Even to the most reputable hospital,
no treatment was available.
Chemotherapy won't work on her anymore.
Another treatment isn't working.
They turned to natural remedies
but to no avail.
Chris came to the point of giving up.
Dawn is on self-denial.
Kaye is ready on whatever will happen.
But her parents can't seem to let her go.
One night, she stood up an walked by herself.
Something she can't do anymore.
Approached her mom, who was surprised.
Chris was astounded, and approached the two.
They had a long hug.
Kaye told her parents to love each other.
After several minutes hugging together,
Kaye gave her last breath.
The couple cried so hard but they felt Kaye's love
by walking which made them happy before she left.

Parents will do anything for their child. What more when the child is on a terminal illness? From the freewrite story, parents did everything they can due to desperation. Their child even battled with the illness for her parents. But some things are out of their control.

As for the natural remedies, there's nothing wrong with trying them. In fact, there are some proofs that it can help on our health. But we also need the supervision of a specialist who can help what treatment can help.


If you are are already freewriting, try Set the timer for 5 minutes, start typing and don't stop up to 3 seconds. Or else, it will delete everything written.

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