Politician (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! I am going back to the freewrite from yesterday which the prompt is politician. If you're interested in trying out freewriting, do visit the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge, which is now a consistent community.

Nelly is an actress.
Popular movie star, top rating TV shows.
Won Best Actress a lot of times.
She was an exclusive artist of a TV network.
After years being a successful actress,
she was given by network bosses a different project.
A TV show focused on public service.
She was given the project because of her good deeds.
Such good deeds are posted in her social media accounts.
Crisis and disasters, she's there voluntarily.
Raising funds to the affected people.
Charity is on the works.
She's outspoken. People agree with her.
Why not? They know she has a good heart.
Her popularity is immense.
The media network she works for gives her attention and TV coverage.
A lot doesn't know. Her uncle is a politician.
The TV network has their hidden agenda.
She's being used for political pursuits.
Media is a powerful tool to mold people's minds.
Popularity of actors draw large influence.
So what can be expected?
Eventually, Nelly proclaimed her candidacy to become a politician.

Anyone can become politicians nowadays. If someone is popular enough, he/she can use it for political aspirations. Many politicians nowadays were once known as TV personalities. Even an action star is now a Senator, Congressman, or any positions out there. That's how powerful media in honing a person to become a politician someday. That will be beneficial for their business.

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