Popular Music Artists Doing Soundtracks Since 1990

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It is nothing new when popular music artists venture into movie soundtracks, and become part of their discography. Some of them have succeeded, but not everyone has been able to break through. Here are some of those artists who produced and supported the soundtrack of certain films since 1990s.

Whitney Houston

  • The Bodyguard (OST)
  • Waiting to Exhale (OST)
  • The Preacher's Wife (OST)

Whitney Houston is no stranger in movie soundtracks. In fact, two soundtracks are listed under her name, and the other one has her major support. It started with the hit movie The Bodyguard, which she's also the main female star of the film. It became the biggest selling soundtrack of all time making Whitney as the Soundtrack Queen, which she has six songs from the record. Its sales was estimated to be 45 million. It actually brought Whitney's career to higher level after her album I'm Your Baby Tonight didn't sell as huge as her first two albums.

During 1990s, her music career was almost under movie soundtrack. In 1995, she starred in another movie Waiting to Exhale. Initially, the movie' s soundtrack is supposed to be her album under the production of Babyface. However, it was decided to have different female artists in the album, with three songs from Whitney. The soundtrack has sold around 12 million, which still made it a hit.

A year after Waiting to Exhale, she starred in another movie The Preacher's Wife. This time, she got more involved in the soundtrack of the movie which she executive produced. The soundtrack is predominantly a gospel soul album, and it might not be as big as The Bodyguard, but it sold 6 million copies.

YouTube/Whitney Houston


  • I'm Breathless (OST of Dick Tracy film)
  • Evita
    Madonna is no stranger in movie soundtracks. In 1980s, her hit song Crazy For You was part of the soundtrack of Vision Quest, as well as the song Gambler, and Who's That Girl, a soundtrack under her name. In 1990s, she had two soundtrack albums from movies she's starred in. First was I Am Breathless album from the movie Dick Tracy. Breathless is her character name from the movie. It featured one of her biggest hits Vogue. Estimated sales of the soundtrack album is 7 million.

After her moderately successful studio albums, she returned into a more tamed Madonna through the musical Evita. It brought her success in the film industry, and even won Best Actress - Musical or Comedy in Golden Globe Awards. It was said that the album has sold 12 million copies.



  • 8 Mile (OST)
  • Southpaw (OST)

While still in the midst of his successful album The Eminem Show, Eminem has starred in the hit movie 8 Mile. For the soundtrack of the film, he executive produced it, and featured several artists, with four tracks from him. The album was a big hit selling about 11 million, and featured the global number 1 hit Lose Yourself.

In 2015, Eminem hs executive produced the soundtrack of Southpaw, by which its score was the last one created by James Horner. The soundtrack album featured two tracks from Eminem, and produced most of the songs. It peaked at number 5 in Billboard 200.


Justin Timberlake

  • Trolls (OST)
  • The Book of Love (OST)
  • Trolls World Tour (OST)

Justin Timberlake has starred in several movies, but he first got involved in movie soundtracks in 2016 through the animated movie Trolls, where he was the main actor (voice). The soundtrack of the film was a hit reaching number 3 in Billboard 200, and was even awarded 2x platinum. It featured his number 1 hit Can't Stop the Feeling!.

Justin also co-produced the music score of the movie The Book of Love, the movie of his wife Jessica Biel, who also co-produced the film. Then this year, Justin Timberlake returned on Trolls World Tour, which was released during the Covid19 pandemic. The soundtrack, which he executive produced, wasn't expected to be that big considering the situation, but it still peaked at number 15 in Billboard 200.

sub>YouTube/Justin Timberlake


  • Dreamgirls (OST)
  • The Lion King: The Gift (from The Lion King)

Beyoncé also had a successful movie career. In fact, her first ever mainstream solo single was from the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember, where she is the female lead. The movie's theme was Beyoncé's UK top 10 hit Work It Out. But Beyoncé became a big part of the soundtrack of Dreamgirls, and was featured in several songs. The soundtrack may not be under her name, but she's one of the main stars and singers of the musical film, and her song Listen was the main theme. The soundtrack went platinum in the US, where it peaked at number 1.

Im 2019, Beyoncé portrayed the voice of Nala of The Lion King. Along with the film is her own soundtrack The Lion King: The Gift which she executive produced, and performed several songs. She also invited in several African recording artists in several tracks. The film was a success, while the soundtrack reached number 2 in Billboard 200.


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