Quarantine Life: Day 108, The Extension of MGCQ in Our Province

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So finally, an announcement was made. Cebu City remains under Enhanced Community Quarantine (or ECQ), and the only area under such status. Numerous places are under GCQ, including Metro Manila. But most place are under MGCQ until July 15th. Our province is under such status so there won't be changes with regards to protocols. At the moment, there's one case in our town, while another one is a confined PUI.

The rest of the Philippines which are not under ECQ, GCQ, or MGCQ areas would be placed under new classification of Low-risk MCQ (Modified Community Quarantine). Thus, quarantine should still be observed but has the lightest restrictions compared to other areas in higher classification.

Coronavirus cases

Compared to yesterday, the additional of number of cases is lower with the overall total at 10.368 million. It was also seen the slower increase of fatalities with new total of 507k. The good news is recoveries each day is in a high level now with the total of 5.284 million. Talking about United States, they remained the most affected as the total of cases exceeded 2.679 million. Deaths reported is slower though still at 128k range, while recovered cases has exceeded 825k. Still, their recovery rate remains below 50%. Brazil reached 1.408 million already, while recovery rate is still above 50% with 790k.

More than a thousand new cases was added since yesterday in the Philippines with total 37,514. Fatalities is at constant increase at 1,266 total. Recoveries has finally reached 10k with 10,233 total. That's a good indication for the country. In our province, there's another confirmed case now with total of 103, and 27 current cases.

Cebu City as the new epicenter

It has been claimed that Cebu City is the current epicenter of coronavirus cases, and the city is the only area placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine. Central Visayas is the second most affected behind Metro Manila, with about 7,000 cases, mostly are from Cebu City.

Meanwhile, despite the classification of quarantine in many places, it still depends on local governments what they will imposed. In some places where nationally placed on MGCQ, their rulers placed them in GCQ. That's because they are more aware of the situations in their respective territories.

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