Quarantine Life: Day 117, The Possibility of Tighter Quarantine

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New cases here in the Philippines has been reaching a thousand or two per day. During the tighter quarantine, it's only hundreds, even at 200 as average. When the quarantine began to loosen, more cases emerge each day. The number of cases here in the Philippines has already surpassed 50,000, something we didn't expect.

Hence, Department of Health made a statement that tighter quarantine is possible if the number do not de-escalate. The article can be read here. Some people are fine with quarantine like going back to Enhanced Community Quarantine (or ECQ) as I read from their comments on Facebook, while some oppose to the idea. Besides, the government lacks fund to support the needs of the people.

Coronavirus cases

The number of total cases exceeded 12.169 million already, and that's pretty high. Deaths are almost at the same rate of surge per day, while recovered cases are so far increasing at a good rate. United States seemed to be the hardest hit for a long time with total of 3.165 million, which included 135k deaths, and 951k recoveries. That shows recovery rate is below 30%, and at a slow pace. Brazil, which stays at second is now at 1.759 million, with patients recovered at 1.152 million. That's already far from US recovery rate, as that's above 60%.

More than a thousand new cases was seen as Philippines has a total of 51,754 already. No new fatalities was counted for more than 24 hours, and it remains at 1,314. The number of recoveries is not updated as it is still at 12,588. Our province Pangasinan remains with no new cases still at 27 with currently active.

Quarantine will continue?

Unsure about this but the surges keep going up so it is likely that the quarantine will continue in many places. Even DOH is even thinking about stricter quarantine. The end of quarantine is supposed to be until July 15th as scheduled. But of course, those are subject to be extended as the usual. Few weeks ago, the government said there will be no new normal as quarantine will continue. I don't see anything wrong with that. Even if the quarantine will be lifted, going out does not mean you're safe.

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