Quarantine Life: Day 118, WHO Confirms Airborne Coronavirus

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Lately, some scientists has been talking about Covid19 being airborne. They also criticized WHO for its lack of updates. Finally, WHO has acknowledged the researched made by the scientists, and led then to declare it airborne. However, they said that it is airborne when indoors. Unsure if outdoors though. The article can be read here.

Due to the acknowledgement of WHO, we need to be more careful by applying the health guidelines imposed by the government. If such the case, there is a need of caution when visiting public indoor places. Hopefully, further research should still be made since it was just recently when some scientists called on the attention of WHO.

Coronavirus cases

It seems the surge is too high since yesterday, with current number at 12.507 million. Fatalities is currently at 560k, while recovered cases has reached 6.89 million. In the US, the number of cases continues to go up now at 3.238 million. Deaths seemed at the same range at 135k, which may not be updated. Recoveries go up at slow pace with 963k. Brazil was the second hardest hit country reaching 1.804 million, while recovered cases seemes to go uo faster than US now at 1.185 million.

As usual, there are more than a thousand new cases counted in the Philippines. Fatalities seemed to move high now at 1,360. Recoveries has gone up to 13,230. There has been recoveries recently here in Pangasinan. Today, there's a new recovery, and a new confirmed case, and the total is 25 active cases.

Backrides are allowed?

Since the start of the quarantine, back rides are not allowed in motorcycles. The aim of such guideline is physical distancing. It actually sounds funny when the one at the backride lives in the same household. Perhaps, there are some who doesn't live at the same house, and there goes the checking IDs that should take place.

Then this article was posted by our town's Facebook page. I actually think this is funny, and I wonder if it's even effective. To be honest, when they live in the same place, what's the use?

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