Quarantine Life: Day 125, Fluctuating Number of Cases in Our Province

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The number of cases in our province has been fluctuating from 20s to 30s. As some patients will recover, then new cases come in. That's because there are many people going home from Manila, or other places where there are a lot of Covid19 cases. That started when borders are opened in every province. At times, those passes they got from their origin are not even valid. People still bypass the rules.

Due to the increase cases, it's an evidence that many people has the virus without their knowledge. Remember, there are a lot of asymptomatic cases around. Even some people who has symptoms downplay thinking what they have is just a common cold, and not coronavirus. Sadly, some of them even travel to different places. The sense of responsibility is really important nowadays.

Coronavirus cases

The number might be shocking as the the current total of coronavirus cases has reached 14.037 million already. Even fatalities has already reached 600k, though recoveries is pretty high, now at 7.818 million. Huge surge was also seen in United States with more thn 100k new cases, witg total 3.677 million. Deaths has reached 140k, while recoveries is now updated at 1.076 million. Brazil has tens of thousands of new cases too reaching 2.064 million. Recoveries is not updated though at 1.366 million. India has already exceeded 1 million total cases, the third country to reach the threshold. Recovery rate is high though with total 635k.

Cases in the Philippines continue to go up a sit already reached more than 63,001, which included 1,660 fatalities and 21,748 recoveries. The number remains in Pangasinan with 30 active cases, though some has recovered, but there are new cases around.

Physical Distancing in Public Transport

Physical distancing is required in public transport. Gladly, many of those transportation operators are complying with the guidelines, and even the government has lauded them. But there aren't that much transportation available, thus traveling would be difficult for commuters or passengers. I saw a comment on Facebook asking the government to allow adding more capacity on a transportation. But that's kind of irresponsibility as it means breaking the distancing rules. In fact, such ruling will even encourage people to stay at home.

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