Rough Hands (Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day everyone! Of course, greetings to all freewriters! I had chosen another prompt from the past which is rough hands. The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge was started by @mariannewest way back in 2017, and still has a strong community.

Waking up early every morning.
Head to the field.
Bearing with the heat.
Under the sun most of the day.
Their backs are bent.
Pain, but they don't care.
Wait for months until ready for harvest.
Merchants buy them at lower price.
They sell them at higher price.
Poor farmer, working hard.
The works of his rough hands.
In order to support his family.
Without them, what are we gonna eat.
With tears and sweat.
Spent for hours, days, months, and even years.
Never mind the danger.
Ravaging snakes. Lightning strikes.
Insects pestering the crops.
Floods submerging them.
Droughts over the land.
Yet, a kind of work they never abandoned.
A noble job.
Many people belittles.
Deserving of government support.
Our gratitude on their work.
As we cannot do what they do.

I wrote this freewrite for the farmers who are spending countless of hours to provide food for their family, and also for us consumers. As we know, merchants are getting richer than them, who are exerting more of their efforts in order produce foods for everyone.


As I usually do, this freewrite was written using the app/site Remember to keep typing as if you stopped for 3 seconds, everything will be erased.

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