Sorry Dishes (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day! I looked back in past freewrite prompts that I haven't created one on yet. This wasn't a very old prompt, and I had chosen sorry dishes. Thanks to @mariannewest for initiating 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge.

Am sorry.
So sorry that I didn't scrub the floor.
It should be cleaned.
I should have done something that made you pleased.
But I didn't bother to give it an attention.
So sorry, dishes are still waiting in the sink.
Roaches are already crawling on them.
Dangerous for one's health.
It made you mad, it made me sad.
But I should've done it, before you came home.
Sorry, I am focused on playing.
There should be a time for it, a time for other important things.
I didn't realize until I had grown old.
There are just regrets.
If only you're still here, I would be more than happy.
When you're gone, there goes realization.
Didn't really know what we have.
Until they're gone, regrets will come to play.
Something we should show to them.
The people you love.
Show how much you love them.

Seeing some people disrespect their loved ones, particularly their parents, can be a pain in the eyes, and the ears if you've got to hear the painful words spoken by their children. They won't appreciate the importance of their parents until they're gone. Make them feel your care and love not when they are already ill.


Written this freewrite using The timer is on at 5 minutes, and when you stopped typing for 3 seconds, everything will be deleted.

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