Tractor (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day! Glad to be back, and here I am with my freewrite for today. The prompt I had chosen is tractor. This was the prompt just a few days ago. Wondering what is freewriting? Check the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge. There you can also find the prompts.

Sean is a successful businessman in the city.
Amidst his fortune, he shares to people through charities.
He treats his employees well.
Hence, the high respects he receives from them.
Living in the city for 30 years made him successful.
But there's one thing doesn't know about him.
His life before he went to the city.
The hardships he encountered, even slept in the streets.
He find a decent job eventually, and supported his studies.
Prior to his life in the city, he came from rural town.
He worked as a farmer with his father.
But due to an illness, his father died.
After a few years, his mother passed away too.
That led him to go to the city.
Sean looked back on his life then.
Remembered their house he left.
He decided to come back to his hometown.
There he saw their house still standing.
Close to their house is the field where tall weeds now lives.
But he was surprised to see the rustic tractor.
That tractor was a huge part of his life.
He cried while holding on it, as he remembers his life with his parents.

Some wealthy people today came from poverty. Instead of living all the luxuries despite their wealth, they don't focus on such kind of lifestyle, instead they help other people. Nice to see such individuals who kept their feet on the ground despite their status. They even look back to where they came from. Their humility is just amazing, and they may serve a model for everyone.


I am using the great tool when freewriting. But remember, when using the app/site, to keep typing because if you stopped fof 4 seconds, everything will be erased.

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