Went to the Beach For The First Time Since Quarantine

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I miss those days when I go out early in the morning to jog and walk, and have some fresh air from the beach before going home. That's my routine before the quarantine. At times, I go to the beach in the afternoon.

My friends came to the town recently, and I went with them to the beach and have sone fresh air. We didn't go to the beach for swimming. We all miss the beach, the fresh air, so it is a perfect time as the day looks good.

We are supposed to go to Limahong Channel Eco Tourism, which is a new tourist spot in our town, however, the road was closed so we decided to stop in this area. Besides, this area is a great spot too.

Right there is the Limahong Channel, right at the Lingayen Gulf. I miss the sunset here, but unable to capture one since it's about 2pm at that time.

It is quite hot so I took a shelter from the bushy area. I felt quite week, perhaps, I haven't gone out since a long time ago. I realized I need to spend some time under the sun at some times.

I waded on the water. There's a sense of healing when in touch with the nature. The fresh air, and the natural waters on the feet. The water is still. It's rare that there isn't that much waves here.

Yesterday, I walked in the park which is on its way to the beach. I am supposed to go to the beach again but I decided to go home because of the cloudy weather. I'll be coming back there soon.

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