What Is More Important In Your Martial Art Training - Instructor Or Specific Martial Art?

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When you learn something, expect something else, that is unlikely to happen. Why you are learning a martial art, that is very important. As a beginner, you might think that all martial arts are the same. Of course, you will find similarities, but all martial arts are not the same.

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If your goal is to be a professional fighter and participate in the fighting competition, you should choose martial arts that focus on sports. You will train like that. And they will prepare yourself for that.

In case you do not care about sports and do not want to participate in the fighting competition, all you want to do is to learn how to defend yourself in real life, you should learn martial arts like Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Kali and so on. Although whether you fight in a fighting competition or fight in real life for self defense, both are fighting, your mindset, training, and strike are not the same.

When you fight for self defense, you have to strike to the vulnerable points of the attacker's body if you need to. You will train like that. When your life is in danger, you will do that automatically.

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So which martial art you are learning, that is very important. And you should choose that at the beginning of learning martial arts.

You learn martial art from your instructor. So here your instructor's qualification, skills and experience are so important that can make a huge difference in your training. For example, if you learn Krav Maga from an experienced instructor, he will show you what happens in real life, what possible moves you can make in order to protect yourself.

A skilled and experienced instructor teaches you and share his experience of fighting. And you can learn a lot from him or her. On the other hand, if an instructor has no experience in fighting, he might tell you what his instructors told him. If you cannot relate something in real life applications, that's not useful. Of course, what we are learning, that is applicable in this world, you are not learning something to apply after death, I guess.

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A good instructor can guide his/her students properly. He/She will teach you how to be kind and at the same time how to be tough in a fight. What you are learning in your martial art training, it will impact on your whole life. So when you choose any martial art, finding an instructor is the most important thing.

Martial art and instructor both are very important in your training. The first important thing is a martial art and then the second important thing is the instructor. What do you think about that? Please feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section.

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Stay safe. Always be happy!

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