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When the virus just started to make a killing around the world in 2020, it wasn't too much for my concern. I knew for a fact that it doesn't kill that much of a people, and assuming it only kill those who already have pre-existing illness. However, it has become my concern when political ingredient being injected.

Today's number droped slightly back down a little to 3048 from the high 3k and low 4k, whilst everyone is optimistic about it, now my major concern is, the lockdown has caused the economy to shrink. I still can't imagine what happened to my barber whom trim my hair on a regular basis, how is he holding on. Is he robbing for a living? Or simply just give up his passion and go for a regular job. Will anybody hire labour work at this point of time?

Whilst our hero is announcing, more like "promising" the public 4th of February is going to be the last lockdown day, does he mean it? Or it's simply an instruction from the "higher" authority, to calm the fellow citizens. More so, he predict the number will drop to 2 digit. Do you think he's a puppet? Or is these figure based on some strategy he has in mind?

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