Focus Stacked Macro #038 - Flies

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Hi everyone ... Today I want to show some macro pictures that I took some pictures of Leaf Flies using my cellphone camera with the addition of a macro lens so that I get very beautiful shots.

Leaf flies are actually no different from flies that exist in general, they both look very disgusted because these flies always carry bacteria on their bodies because flies are one of the carcass-eating animals so any bacteria that are attached to their growth are very dangerous if touched with food Directly.

What distinguishes between ordinary flies and leaf flies is the color hue found on the fly's body because ordinary flies have a black color, while leaf flies have a green color on their bodies, but both are still equally disgusting when touched directly.

And the equipment for hunting macro images, namely the Wood Beetle species on this occasion is still as usual, namely only using a cellphone and a 37 MM macro lens, And here are some pictures of my shots using the 37 MM macro lens.

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