My Actifit Report Card: June 11 2020

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Thank you for stopping by to look at my Post. I work 6 hours yesterday it was nice busy. I enjoyed. It was new place. And i did daily house chores.
Thank you

I have made 129 days with 10k+ and 4 days I couldn't post, 25 days less than 10k steps, and 2 day with less than 5k
Mone 6 mtwo 1

About me
I am a curious about crypto. I try to be active actifiter. I love to learn and help each other. I work casual and house husband, living with my beautiful family.

To support steemain
I've created @sharingiscaring1 trail to support each other. come and check out on Discord

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Thank You for Reading my blog and Feel free to leave me any feedback.

Daily Activity, Walking

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