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Hello Friends!

I would like to share with you my daily report. These are my Yesterday Daily activities.

In the morning I went to the screen print and finished the preparation of the cases...but only for now...😅 Before lunch, I went to the bike center and tried a pair of shoes. Maybe a little bigger than my size, but anyway I will have to add some adjustments. I bought them and came back home for lunch. In the afternoon I remained at home and trained with some simple exercises. Then, I walked for a while and returned at home. I saw a videolesson, had dinner and went to bed watching my smartphone.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow friends!


I have to admit that a few times the sources change the counts, due to diagnosis or notification errors. The last 3 November the Government presented new measures against the diffusion of the Sars-Cov2. They divided our country in some color zones based on the Gravity of the situation. Every zone has different measures and the situation is monitored constantly for the next months. As of December 18, and in the last week, the diffusion trend followed a line pointing down. The average amount of the daily cases is smaller than the last month; the same trend relates about the ratio between new daily cases and Daily number of swabs. But in the last days the curve established It self on a stable range. Since 24 December, the whole Italy will be consider a Red zone - except for a few days - at least until January 4th. On December 27th, the news said about many cities in Italy with the first administrations of the vaccine against sars-cov2. They nicknamed that day as the V-Day. Below, the count of the last day, published by the Italian Ministry of Health.

January 8, 2020

New Cases: 17533

Increasing in the Swabs carried out number: 140267

Total cases now: 237890

The deaths: 77911 (620 more than the day before)

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Ciao Amici!

Mi piacerebbe condividere con voi il mio report giornaliero. Queste sono le mie attività per la giornata di ieri.

In mattinata sono andato in serigrafia per terminare di preparare le cartelle...solo per il momento...😅 Prima di pranzo sono passato dal centro bici e ho provato un paio di scarpe per bici. Forse un poco più abbondanti della mia taglia...comunque dovrò fare qualche modifica, quindi per il momento va bene così. Le ho comprate e sono tornato a casa per pranzo. Nel pomeriggio sono rimasto a casa, mi sono allenato con qualche semplice esercizio e ho fatto una passeggiata nei dintorni. Ho guardato una videolezione, ho cenato e sono andato a nanna guardando una vecchia serie tv.

Buonanotte e ci vediamo domani amici!

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