Quarantine Life Day 254 / My Actifit Report Card: November 24 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

One thing I realized being at home is life can be monotonous as I do the same things, and I have routines to do in a day. Of course, there are necessary routines but being stuck at home is tiring. I'd like to go outside but there's fear in me regarding coronavirus. What I want to do is go to the beach for some fresh air, and get in touch with nature.

Covid19 Cases

About 600k new cases was counted in one day, and the total as of this writing is 59.67 million. The good news is recovery went up over 38 million. The badly affected countries has this tally: United States (12.67 million), India (9.22 million), Brazil (6.13 million), France (2.15 million) and Russia (2.13 million). More data in this link. Mexico is the latest country to have 1 million cases.

Philippines is now down to 27 at the rankings as Romania had high surges. The tally is 421k, inlcuding 386k recoveries. After few months, total cases went below 200 here in Pangasinan now at 170.

Actifit Report

I was quite frustrated for not reaching my goal yesterday. I should have the phone with me but I left it at the table or chair often. I exercised for 20 minutes thinking I will reach my goal but I am pretty close to 5k, and short of few steps. Yesterday, I just did my chores and worked online, while I attended our midweek virtual meetings in sign language.

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