Quarantine Life Day 284 / My Actifit Report Card: December 24 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

This morning, several parts of the country are shaken by a strong quake. The center has been in Batangas which was above magnitude 6. That magnitude can be considered as intense. Despite the strong earthquake, I haven't felt it nor awakened since I am still sleeping at that time. I used to feel and distinguish earthquakes easily but not this time.

Covid19 Cases

We're heading to 80 million, and slow down isn't observed. The current number is 79.29 million, and the surge of recovery might be high, but at a lower rate compared to new cases. United States (18.84 million), India (10.12 million), Brazil (7.36 million), Russia (2.93 million) and France (2.5 million). The tally is in this link. Italy just crossed 2 million, the 8th country to do so, while Ukraine reached 1 million, the 17th country to reach the million.

Philippines went up to 28th again despite the slow surge now at 465k, while recoveries went up to 430k. Yesterday's active cases here in Pangasinan is actually 295, and it went up a bit to 298.

Actifit Report

It was a usual Thursday since I am going to be the guide for our virtual deaf ministry. Afterwards, I have been waiting for my deaf student but he seemed busy so I didn't bother him. I just sent him a video in sign language by which he responded. After doing my chores, and online works, I did my exercises. However, I didn't reach my Actifit goal.

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