Quarantine Life Day 286 / My Actifit Report Card: December 27 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

I saw a post on Facebook that 2020 is about to end, but it seems 2021 is like the second episode of 2020. Looking back at the start of 2020, people are trying to be positive. But there goes the wildfire in Australia, the volcanic eruption in Southern Luzon which displaced many people from their homes, and there goes the start of pandemic. Amidst the pandemic, there goes its effects, loss of jobs, poverty escalated, loss of loved ones, etc. Disasters came along like typhoons, floods, wildfires, etc. Resilience was tested, and we should remain standing.

Covid19 Cases

Talking about Covid19, the surge is still high in less than 24 hours. The total is already 80.72 million, while recoveries is still stuck at 45 million range. United States (19.29 million), India (10.18 million), Brazil (7.48 million), Russia (3.05 million) and France (2.55 million). The tally cna be found here. South Africa became the 19th country to reach 1 million cases.

More than 469k cases was still tallied here in the Philippines, but a surge of recoveries was also reported now at 438k. It shows around 7k has recovered as report shows. Active cases here in Pangasinan dropped a bit to 316.

Actifit Report

It is Sunday so it means I am going to attend our virtual meetings in sign language. I am bearing with using my phone as the computer isn't working. Still, our meetings went successful. I also did my laundry, and joined another zoom meeting. While in the evening, we went to my brother's house to celebrate the wedding of our youngest sibling and his wife's wedding anniversary.

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