Quarantine Life Day 288 / My Actifit Report Card: December 29 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

I know many crypto investors our there are focused on checking updates of prices. I used to get notified by some wallets I have on my phone, but I'd rather check on @coingecko where I can view my portfolio. I was thinking of buying XRP because of the huge drop. But I am skeptical due to the lawsuit against Ripple founders.

Covid19 Cases

Holidays didn't stop the surge as cases climbed to 81.91 million, while recoveries also climbed to 46.27 million. United States (19.74 million), India (10.22 million), Brazil (7.56 million), Russia (3.1 million) and France (2.57 million). Data can be checked here.

The surge is still slow at this time here in the Philippines as people are on vacation. Even there's expectation of high surge after the holiday, we just hope it won't be that much. The current tally is more than 471k, with recoveries up to 439k. The current active cases dropped to 285 here in Pangasinan.

Actifit Report

I was surprised that I woke up really late that I need to rush so I can do my chores. Also, I can do my work online so I will do my other tasks in the afternoon. Just after lunch, my friend who has his part on our virtual meetings had a video call to record our demonstration. It was shown in our virtual meetings later. We recorded the demonstration instead of doing it live because my friend is nervous as it's his first part in sign language.

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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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