Quarantine Life Day 290 / My Actifit Report Card: December 31 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

So it's the first day of 2021, and so far I had plenty of sleep last night despite sleeping late because of the loud sounds. Fitecrackers was discouraged by the government, and might have been prohibited, but they're unable to be stopped. Others turned to loud music, while others use their motorcycles producing loud sounds. It gave me headaches because I have low tolerance with noise.

Covid19 Cases

Covid19 cases continue to rise and the tally is high now at 83.35 million. Recoveries is close to 47 million, as it's currently at 46.99 million. United States (20.15 million), India (10.26 million), Brazil (7.67 million), Russia (3.15 million) and France (2.62 million). Data can be found here. United States became the first country to reach 20 million.

Due to the holiday, surge here in the Philippines is quite lower now ar 474k. Recoveries is stuck 439k, and the tally might not be updated again because of the holiday. The latest tally here in Pangasinan saw a huge surge with active cases up to 319.

Actifit Report

I can hear loud noises even in the morning. But it's a usual day so I joined our virtual deaf ministry, as well as doing my chores to get things done, and focus on my other tasks including working online. I am glad that I am able to do my exercises, though I didn't reach my @actifit goal. I am more determined now to achieve my goal.

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Daily Activity, House Chores, Walking

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