My Actifit Report Card: November 12 2020 ~ walking and jogging on treadmill

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To be fit we need to do some exercise, eating healthy food and taking some vitamins. We know that in the pandemic days like nowadays, we need to boost our immune system. So that, we could expect our body is strong enough to fight corona virus. If we have good and strong immune system, I believe our body may prevent infection by virus or bacteria.

Today I am doing some exercise by walking on treadmill. I like doing treadmill for about 15-20 minutes in the morning before going to work and 15 minutes in afternoon. I am usually comfortable to walk at 3-3,5 walk pace. It’s good for my walking. But sometime, I combine with jogging, the speed may be 5 or 6.


I prefer walking on treadmill than walking outside because the treadmill is in a room in my house. I just go to treadmill, and walk. I don’t need to wear special clothes to do walking on treadmill. Walking outside in cold weather in Gayo Highlands make me chill in the morning.


Walking or jogging on treadmill for about 15 minutes may reach 1000 meters long. And it may burn some calories. Like this afternoon, I’ve burned 85 calories by walking about 18 minutes on treadmill.

How about you? You may write a post on #blurthealth about your fitness activities.
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