The Number of Covid-19 Patients is Increasing in My District

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As a doctor who treat patients with Covid-19 in my district, I found the fact that the cases started increasing in numbers during April 2021. In February and March I treat none of Covid-19 patients. I guess people didn’t do health protocol well in March as they thought no more Covid-19 case in our district. During the second week of April I have diagnosed and treated five patients in our district hospital.


Two first patients in April are husband and wife. Both them had Covid-19 confirmed by Rapid Antigent Swab Test and PCR Swab test. The man is 55 years old with diabetes mellitus as a comorbid diasease. Unfortunately, he didn’t know before that he had diabetes. He presented with fever, purulent cough, headache and nausea. After taking chest X-ray, I found he had patchy infiltrates on both lung. His Oxygen saturation was as low as 90%. His wife’s signs and symptoms were not much different, but she has hypertension as comorbid disease.


Then I ordered our lab to have Rapid Antigent SARS-COV-2 checked for both them. And the result was positive. Then, the patients we delivered to them treated in isolation room.


After five days treatment, fortunately their sign and symptoms getting better, the oxygen saturation was increasing to 95% and above without oxygen supplementation. I am really excited that both patients are getting better and better. Then, I discharged them to have rest at home.

Now, I am still treating three more patients in isolation room. None has worse sypmtoms. Hopefully, they will get better soon.

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But we know the PCR test is fraudulent and does not detect SarsCoV2. The man who invented it says it is not meant to diagnose. "Cases" are political, not medical. Sounds like you have fallen for the lies.

Covid-19 is real. Did you see what happened in India recently?
I think you have fallen for the lies of Conspiration theory..

And many people dead due to pneumonia caused by corona virus. Is it not a medical cases?