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She is one of my favorite female Reggae and Dancehall Artists. I often listen to her songs because the tunes are amazing. She has beaten me every day. Yeah. Now I share with you a nice song from Koffee; Raggamuffin. This song gonna dubb your mind with a nice tune.

You don't need a cup of coffee to listen to Raggamuffin right now. I know it.

Who is Koffee?

Nineteen-year-old Koffee rose to fame over the last two years, after Usain Bolt reshared her song “Legend,” a tribute to the record-holding sprinter. Since then, her audience has grown on a global scale. Her song “Toast” is currently charting as No. 2 on Billboard’s Reggae Digital Song Sales and her EP, “Rapture,” is listed as No. 8 on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart.

People know her stage name, Koffee but her real name is Mikayla Simpson that was born on 16 February of 2000. Koffee is a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, rapper, deejay and guitarist from Spanish Town, Jamaica. She is 5ft tall and brown-skinned.

Her Genres are Reggae and dancehall and she has been active since 2017 to present with the labels, Columbia Records.

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Info of the song

Song: Raggamuffin
Artist: Koffee
Album: Raggamuffin (Live)
Released: 2018
Genre: Reggae
Style: Dancehall
Licenced to Youtube by: SME (on behalf of Frankie Music / VPAL Music); The Royalty Network (Publishing), UMPI, Kobalt Music Publishing, AMRA, ASCAP, LatinAutor, and 10 Music Rights Societies

Available: Spotify and Deezer.


Raggamuffin Reggae beat, yeah
Dancehall pon di street, yeah
Cyaan' stall nor defeat 2030 we still a dweet
Every stage show we still a keep
Every big song deh pon repeat
Dem a respond inna dem feet
Dem a clap hands inna dem teeth
Mi gi' dem heart attack inna mi halter back
Ah nuff style we have, dem cyaan' alter dat
Mi start a track and den mi start attack
So weh dem ago do right after that?
Mi only spit lyrics nuh really talk alot
And unnuh know we touch down like quarter back
Palmer count up di money gi mi half a dat
Mi could ah dweet fi di hype but mi rather not
It give mi joy fi write rhyme pon beat
Lay it down like white line pon street
Music sweet ah jus like one treat
Drop it hotter than island heat
Yeah ah me wid the island flow

Or it coulda be Digicel I don't know
Hear some people say I done grow
Tell dem hold on 'cause time gon' show
Kicky kicky like ah Balotelli
Hear seh mi look better pon a tele'
Gi mi di world and mi ahgo shell it
Dat a mi dream but dis anuh Nelly
Gi mi di riddim and a chop it a chop
When mi finish if it hot it a drop
Know seh mi voice haffi proper pon dat
Badmind dem siddung and a plot an attack

A di Reggae music causing the commotion
When di music in me come in like a potion
Woii, mhm, alright
Yeah me have the waves never stuck inna di ocean
Koffee have the style dem smoother than a lotion
Woii, mhm

Anuh every body got the keys sah
But mi have it wid me, see it 'ya
Give Caesar wah fi Caesar
Give the youths dem a feature
What a gwan ah Jamaica?
Parliament tun di paper
Fi ghetto youths dem nuh cater
That's why di country nuh safer
Hear seh di guns dem pile out here
Hear nuttin' much mek yuh smile out here
Hear seh di youths dem wild out here
Money cyaan' run fi a mile out here
Hear seh di government vile out here
Ghetto tears long river Nile out here
Youths a tun inna last style out here
Dats why dem send fi a child out here
And mi humble enuh but mi hype pon di beat

Look out fi Koffee me live pon the street
Me a five feet but me sharp like teeth
Koffee mi name so me born wid heat
Mi tek di heat and me melt weh di ice
Inna politician heart mek dem start pay price
Juvenile march out nuff like plain rice
Go fi any politician weh nah play nice

A di Reggae music causing the commotion
When di music in mi come in like a potion
Woii, mhm, alright
Yeah me have di waves never stuck inna di ocean
Koffee haffi style dem smoother than a lotion
Woii, mhm

Tell dem fi settle that
Heat 'ya hot like a kettle
We culture strong like a leather pon Wallabee wid eh cheddar
Music a shot like a 'matic
Traffic a block when we at it
We nuh soft like nuh tissue
So ask dem now wah di issue
A di Reggae music causing di commotion
When di music in me come in like a potion
Woii, mhm, alright
Yeah me have the waves never stuck inna di ocean
Koffee have the style dem smoother than a lotion

Source: LyricFind
Writer od song: Mikayla Simpson/Comar Andle Campbell
Lyric of Raggamuffin ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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