Blackstreet - Rap Thursday Finest

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Rap Classics - the Hip Hop I love

As outlined numerous times already Hip Hop or Rap is not totally my kind of music genre. Electronic Music and Metal are more linked to me since I was young and therefore you see a lot about Techno / Trance / House and Rock within my ongoing music posts. However at a a very young stage of my life there was a phase I liked some of the upcoming Rap Songs. One of these projects was Grandmaster Flash - at that time together with The Furious Five - The Message was an awesome Rap Song! Check it out - at the bottom I also have a remix that sounds a bit like House.

The other one which is the starter entry - Blackstreet! Classic Sounds!

As a strong believer that we need more music here on Steem as well as on other related blockchains I am open for any initiative to drive artist and music lovers to the platform(s). Hence I am more than happy to submit to Rap Thursday created by @flipstar - another fellow German Steemian and gaming addict. I always try to support music initiatives as much as I can with my limited resources - especially in the DJ space.

About the other Grand Master

Grandmaster Flash has been born as Joseph Saddler coming from Barbados to the US and is a pioneer hip hop recording artist and DJ. He was kind of one of these guys inventing hip-hop DJing, cutting, scratching and mixing. One special lifetime achievement or honour was that he with his Furious Five were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, they have been the first Rap / Hip Hop act to be honoured.

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