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I like to share the experience of how I spend my day with fellow steemians and I hope this will encourage someone to own a diary like I deed. Imaging that at the end of the day our reports was to be submitted to the heavenly archives and was to be assess by God for another opportunity to live a new day, What will we do to deserve another life? Of course some will work to ensure that their records is clean and some will not deserve it.

For me
I wake up by 4am GMT African time and put my knee down to pray I first of all offered thanksgiving for the great privilege to see a new day and then progress into asking God for protections/preservation which is granted, giving me the chance to steemit today.

After the prayer I progress into ensuring my PC was switch on and having boot to the desktop I navigated through my Google groomed browsers to login into my blog and share my daily report with a loving and caring family like heartchurch nature life and steem Africa. My first post shares in heartchurch speaks some vital principles about singlehood, the second post talks about token appreciation in heartchurch community. And the third post advertises my graphic design/a natural oil product.

Having done with my post i freshened up at about 6:30 am GMT African time then ate cucumber and garden egg for breakfast and head to work by 8:30 am, I took a public transport and paid N100 to my office on my arrival I did proper setup making myself available to serve my client.
The first job rewarded me with the sum of N2000 and my heart merry with joy, at exactly 12pm on African time I was already in my blog to observe if my post have gain a good upvote hmm to my surprise nothing was done about it and I began to feel bad and imagining if there is something I have not done right. Notwithstanding I decided to sum on courage to write more post and still observe the trend.

To the Glory of God at about 4pm to 5pm I was Upvoted by a loving and caring community; steemafrica nd heartchurch and I earn $1.65 which gives me enough reasons to stay focus and do what I am passionate about without welcoming setbacks.

By 6:30 pm I was already home thanking God for protection and preservation then get to the bath room and freshen up took Garry and vegetable soup for dinner and watch the 7:00pm news to receive updates on the number of people who died on Covid 19,virus. after which I made my evening post and retired to bed by 11:00pm.
My daily report@rhymzde
3th July, 2020.

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When we sleep and wake, it's somehow synonimous to death and resurrection, so we need to be thankful for every gift of life each day we raise our head in the morning.

You had a good day. I want to chip in simething; Never get discouraged for not seeing a vote on your post. We all love reward, but I would like you to channel your mind to having fun, and making impact. Only then can you stay firm. Expect something great from Steem Africa soon, but before then, dont relent. Keep posting and have fun. Consistency pays. I'm a living testimony on steem. Stay blessed.

thanks beautychicks, more love

Yea. Much love ❤️